Let’s not get it twisted, caring for a loved one with mobility issues, Alzheimer’s, or dementia can be hard work. But, you love them more than they know, so you happily lend a hand and try to help them stay as comfortable as possible. However, sometimes this work can be a lot for one person. This is why we exist here at Better Care Home Aide. Our job is to provide 24/7 senior care and in-home care assistance for families with loved ones struggling to be completely independent and safe in their homes. Our clients aren’t quite ready to move on to assisted living homes, and that’s ok!

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of home care and senior care services like ours, since we offer our services 24/7. Let’s get started.

What Is Round-the-Clock In-Home Care?

The definition as it applies to your loved one will differ slightly than what someone else’s family member needs. Generally speaking, round-the-clock care means that — no matter what time it is — our caregivers can be with your family member to provide home care assistance and personal care assistance. This can be particularly helpful for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who are on odd sleep/wake cycles.

Advantages of 24/7 Senior Care

There are multiple advantages to working with a 24/7 in-home care service like Better Care Home Aide. Here are a few:

Enhanced Safety & Security

If you’re taking advantage of our services when you can’t be there, this can greatly reduce the risk of falls, accidents, or wandering. It also improves the response time in case of emergencies.

Consistency in Your Loved One’s Care Plan

By having someone performing in-home care services for your loved one round-the-clock, you can ensure regular medication reminders and helping them stick to a healthcare routine. It can also help stabilize surroundings for your loved one’s comfort and sense of stability.

Improved Quality of Life for Everyone

You can’t be there 24/7. We can. We have a large team of caregivers that can rotate out in shifts to help care for your loved one. This improves stability and quality of life for everyone, including you.

Concerns & Considerations for 24/7 In-Home Care

There is something to keep in mind when considering round-the-clock in-home care for your loved one.

First and foremost, 24/7 care is going to be more costly than one or two check-ins throughout the day. Depending on how independent your family member is, you may be paying more or less out of pocket than you may expect. When you speak with us for your consultation, make sure to include proper expectations of your loved one’s ability to stay at home by themselves. This will help us develop an appropriate care plan for them.

Contact Better Care Home Aide for In-Home Care Help

Here at Better Care Home Aide, we specialize in senior care and 24/7 services. We are available at all hours of the day so that your loved one can stay at home for longer. In some cases, though, we may recommend rehoming your family member in an assisted living facility if the care needs are too vast.

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